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One thing that all professional flower and gift delivery companies have in common is the fact that they have the misfortune of dealing with scammers. Scamming is tarnishing the reputation of an otherwise prospering dating community. It is a shame how human emotions are played with, how hopes for a better future are crushed by dishonest, money-hungry men and women.
Unfortunately, most flower delivery sites do not offer the service of checking up on a potential scam. A loving man would send his girlfriend a large and beautiful bouquet of flowers, only for that bouquet to go to waste, as the company reported that his girlfriend didn't exist.

It is because of this, that we have started this site,, dedicated to the prevention of future financial losses and emotional heartache, as well as an answer to the question - is she real? Flower sites might not give you much information about a failed order, and you will be left in a state of doubt thinking that maybe they were wrong, or there was a big misunderstanding. We offer a unique service where we will personally visit the address you provide us with, and give you an eyewitness account of what we find.

Please feel free to visit our Scam Tips page and FAQ to read up on the best ways to spot a potential scam, as well as find answers to questions you might have about our service.

You can ORDER our scam check service here.

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Our Profits : is a US based organization, dedicated to fighting the online fraud and scam incidents which originate in countries of former Soviet Union. Our goal is to help people around the world to identify scammers.
Part of the order proceeds from Scam Check services will cover investigation and courier expenses as well as lawyer public records search fees, when required.

Up to 5% of order proceeds from Scam Check services are donated to American Institute for Cancer Research


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