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Russian Scams Useful Tips

These tips are not enough to decide for yourself that you have done enough preparation. But they may help you.

Tip 1 

Do not use any free dating site where women can contact you first. All of these sites are usually liked by Russian scammers. Any person can signup here completely anonymous (use any free email address and fake personal information). Even when you have to pay to be a member (for receiving emails) on these free dating sites, don't use it if you are serious in looking for a new life partner. You may lose your money by Russian scams activity.

Tip 2 

Check the agency
If you visit the web-site of some Dating Agency, try to read all the information about this web-site before you start to browse through their catalogue. Perhaps reading the introduction or 'About-Us' pages or other relevant pages could give you some background information of this specific Dating Agency, which could give you a decent feeling about their services. Russian Scams it is not only fake woman, it is also fake agencies.

Tip 3 

Write a detailed introduction letter (preferably translated in Russian), to receive a detailed reply from the woman
If you write your Russian lady for the first (introduction letter) time, please write a detailed letter about yourself. For the woman it's important to see that the man who is writing to her is serious about finding a new partner. To be very serious in your intentions and to be very open to her, gives you a response which you can analyze as reliable or not.
It is important to watch how your mutual correspondence is developing, about what kind of subjects you both are writing. 
But if the woman starts (at an early stage) with questions concerning money, for any kind of reason, then you have to be careful and you have to analyze if these questions have anything to do with the situation you and your correspondent are aware of. Try to find out if her letters to you are very personal and don't look like standard generated letters by Russian Scams.

Persons who are just trying to get your money are using pre-written letters, just because they don't have the time to write each person in a personal way. These Russian scammers mostly don't answer your specific questions and don't give much personal information, but use predefined texts for their letters. This is at least a sign that you have to be careful for possible fraud.

Tip 4

Ask specific questions and check if you get answers to these questions (if you receive them at all)
In case you are using an Agency with email forwarding or other mail-services, and your correspondent is not responding to your specific personal questions, this could be a red flag. Another important thing is to confirm with her if your letters indeed are reaching her. Try to send copies of your original letters using postal mail or a fax machine to her office if it’s possible and ask her if these letters are the same she received through the Dating Agency you are using. We know examples that some Dating Agencies, with this kind of services, can create additional questions or add more text to your letters or even change your letters, just to keep you as long as possible as their customer. One of the most important things is to try to get her on the phone now and then, in this way you can confirm your and her letters to each other.

Tip 5
Read our complete topic about Russian scams

Read our complete information page about Dating scams and related topics. You will learn more about protection against Russian scammers. Being prepared is being halfway to success in finding your Russian lady.

Tip 6
Use only 100% reliable agencies

If you are really looking for absolutely reliable, very good, complete service. After finishing reading all the information on their site, you can start to look for your Russian dream without any risk. The only risk you will have is that some beautiful Russian woman will fall in love with you!

Tip 7
Always show your honesty to her

Always show your honesty first. Don't think they will trust you right away, after your first contact with her. Russian Scams not only overcome men, but also many women. Unfortunately there are also men who are trying unwanted approaches to the woman and sometimes these approaches are going too far. 

Tip 8
How can I check that my future girlfriend is a real woman

For you and your girlfriend it's important to know if you both are real. Not only for you, but for the woman you are writing this is really important too. You can order a background Russian scam check from us.

Another way to do a check in a nice way is to ask for her home address and send her flowers or a gift. We have an international flower/gift delivery service, and can take a photo at the time of delivery, she will receive your flowers or gift and this service will send you the photo. Using this method you will have a completed check on her address and if the woman who is receiving this is the same one you are writing. Also in this example, people who are trying to fraud you will never allow themselves to be in a picture or give their real home address. They will use some excuse why they are not in the photo.

Tip 9
Don't get paranoid
Don't get paranoid about Russian Scammers, just be careful and use common sense. If you want to read more about this subject read other articles on our site.


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