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Russian Bride Scammer types

The following Russian Bride Scammer types are just few cobceptual examples based on our experience. Majority of the dating scammers exhibit few of these characteristics. We created this list with intend to help you identify the Russian dating scammer behaviors.

  • Beginner
    sends canned emails, which you may look up on scammer profiles. Don’t be surprised if she starts referring to you by another name, or signing off with a name that is not hers. She corresponds with dozens of men at any given time.
    She is not smart enough to understand what you need and how to get you. She usually comes off as naive and often not very smart.
    These scammers usually only get men that are new to online-dating and have no understanding of what a scammer is.
  • Traveller
    she wants to come and see you, but... surprise! - She has no money.
    She asks for money to get a visa, tickets, and a hotel stay in Moscow while applying for a visa... 3rd party phoney travel agency is usually involved to make it look like the real thing.
    She may send you a scanned copy of her (fake) passport and visa to make you think she is real.
  • Troubled
    her mom is sick, she has no money for school, her brother has just gotten into a car accident, she was robbed at gunpoint, her father has cancer and her dog is dying too. Somehow, this can all be fixed if you send her $300.
  • Reseller
    lures men in the same way as the above scammer types, except  her main objective is obtaining expensive apparatus and hardware, which she then plans to resell. Most common requests: digital camera, laptop, webcam, computer, cell phone.
  • High Maintenance
    the girl that wants you to pay for extravagant things. A gold-digger.
    Often is a real person, but has no serious plans to ever be with you...
    This scammer type can not be always uncovered by running address check: only time will show.
    Some signs of the high-maintenance girl appear straight away: she might start demanding a fur coat after 2nd email or phone conversation.
  • Erector
    she sends some sexy or naked pictures, to turn you on. She may even complain that she does not have enough sex...
    She depends on your lust and jealousy, as they help trigger you into sending her money.
    These scammers are not too smart, but understand men's primal needs.
  • Pro
    most dangerous type. Never asks for money, instead waits and earns the trust of the correspondent. Should the correspondent offer her money, she will resist at first, and then finally agree to accept it. They are mind manipulators - usually with good mastery of the English language.
    They organize phone call sessions or, often, give their mobile numbers to make their correspondents feel more comfortable.
    The scam could go on for months at a time, with daily personal emails and chats that go on for hours.
  • Cruiser
    there is some debate as to whether this is an actual scammer type, as it is not commonly reported and could simply be a case of incompatibility with the correspondent.
    This lady will travel to your country (usually at your expense) and allow herself to be lavished with gifts and attention. She will then return to her home country, where another correspondent will already be offering her a visit to HIS country.

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