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"When Tatyana continued basking me with letters containing the warmth of alleged love, I contacted a Russian acquaintance for a heart-to-heart. Surprisingly, the woman told me that she had worked for an international marriage agency, occasionally working as a translator for a couple who had been paired and had their first meeting with the Russian woman not knowing English or the man Russian. Unable to determine from the letters Tatyana’s sincerity, she advised me to be wary of ‘scams’ and to Google for agencies that can detect them. ..." - read full story , source: Huntington News, WV (HNN)


"How many men have grown frustrated with their never ending status as lonely, unwanted ‘nice guys’ who are finishing last? The Internet has opened numerous possibilities for singles to write, instant message, and talk and eventually meet other compatible singles with similar desires and interests. While some American men have simply written off the new assertive women in the states, they have learned through computer communications that some ladies in other countries actually like to express their femininity, desire children, and still long for an old-fashioned soul mate. ..." - read full story , source: Huntington News, WV (HNN)

Beware Russian Web-Order Brides - April 14, 2005

"He says his job as a Moscow gumshoe is right out of the movies. His name is Vladimir, an undercover detective hunting down Russian women who bill themselves online as brides. As CBS News Correspondent Thalia Assuras reports, their prey is American men. "They suck out $3,000 to $5,000, then simply disappear," he says..." - read full story , source: CBS News

Canadian Helps Bust Bride Scam - March 5, 2005

"A Canadian man in love with an imaginary Russian woman has helped Yekaterinburg police arrest a couple behind an Internet scam that cheated love-struck foreigners out of thousands of dollars ..." - read full story , source: Moscow Times

Russia-based Internet scam hustles lonely Western men - November 4, 2004

"As she sends e-mail with her photograph to men around the world, Nadezhda Medvedeva calls to the lonely in just the right voice. If circumstances were different, she might make a fine wife. She is young, brown-eyed..." - read full story , source: The Record (Waterloo Region)

American Scammer Gets 5 Years! - June 24, 2004

"A San Bernardino County man was sentenced to five years in federal prison yesterday for cheating men out of more than $1 million in a Russian bride scam... " - read full story

Conned Australian fights back, with a president's help - January 4, 2004

"Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the arrest of two alleged marriage agency fraudsters after a Sydney man wrote to him, saying he had been conned by a sexy young Russian brunette offering marriage over the internet... " - read full story , source:

Internet Dating Scam Dismantled, San Diego Press Office... - May 16, 2003

"San Diego, California - John R. Kingston, Acting Special Agent in Charge, San Diego Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, today announces the arrests of two individuals on charges of Conspiracy and Wire Fraud... " - read full story

Group of 4 Scammers (2 Men, 2 Women) Arrested in YOSHKAR-OLA, RUSSIA - June 20, 2002

"This arrest was a result of investigation by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Russia after a complaint filed by a US sitizen, who informed the Ministry of Home Affairs that he lost more then $2000 due to the fraudulent activities of the scammer from Yoshkar-Ola. We assume that some other complaints from citizens of USA, Canada and Australia were made, as they were mentioned in the report.The following investigation resulted in arrest of 4 people: 2 men and 2 women. Men were writing letters. Women were used to receive money transfers. According to the article in the news, women were paid $50 for each pick up, no matter how big or small the pick up was. One of the men working with this group has already been convicted of crimes related to Russian Computer Law, which generally covers computer fraud, hacking, etc. Investigators announced, that they will need to figure out how long the group has been active, but even now they estimate the earnings made by this group in hundreds of thousands of US dollars. " - tralstaed from source:

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